Neural networks for artists
Neural networks for artists
Eugene Sannikov

1.09 | 18:00

We will study the concepts of artificial intelligence and neural systems and understand how they work. We will learn about the main types of neural networks suitable for artistic experiments and run some of them in real time. We will reflect on the collaborative art of people and machines, new opportunities and successful cases of contemporary artists.


Eugene Sannikov is Head of Innovation and Research at FILM.UA Group. He graduated from the National Technical University with a degree in Experimental Research and the National Academy of Arts specialising in “Theory and History of Arts”. He has over 20 years of work experience in the media and visual technologies industries. He worked as the art director of the TV channels group and as a creative director in the film company FILM.UA. He has extensive experience in the production of popular science films (many of them won international awards) and the development of popular science VFX. For the last few years, he has been managing the development of VR / AR projects, studying neural network algorithms for content creation, and introducing the integration of Unreal / Unity real-time technologies into the film production process.