Virtual Exhibitions. SHUKHLIADA
Virtual Exhibitions. SHUKHLIADA
Ksenia Malykh

06.09 | 14:00

Due to the pandemic, online forms of artistic representation became of particular relevance. Lecturer Ksenia Malykh will talk about the established and innovative forms of online exhibitions, different approaches to this format, which include (or not) reflections on this form. In addition to the general outline, she will analyse the case of the virtual exhibition space SHUKHLIADA that was founded by artists Max Robotov, Lera Polianskova and Ivan Svitlychnyi. She will elaborate on the exhibitions by Yaroslav Futymsky and Oleksiy Sai, as well as some curatorial projects.

Shukhliada exposition environment has three parts. The first part is represented by the physical object. It is the place where the art pieces are placed and the exhibition takes place. The second part is the Internet as the only form for representing the exhibition. The third part – is the field of viewers’ perception that unites the visual potential of two previous parts. Here an object ripped out of the world of ideas by the artist, through its presence in the material world again returns to the world of the ideal, acquiring purely personal features through its interaction with the viewer. All three parts work in tandem not only as an exhibition space with the ability to take on the size of any screen but as an environment for addressing complex artistic and social issues: from institutionalism to inclusiveness. 

Founders: Lera Polianskova, Max Robotov and Ivan Svitlychnyi

Curator and consultant: Ksenia Malykh 

Website developer: Daniel Yavorovych

Ksenia Malykh is head of PinchukArtCentre's research department. She worked with projects at the art centre "Ya Gallery", contemporary art centre "M17". She is co-founder and curator of visual and educational programs at the Closer art centre. She is chief manager of the Ukrainian pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale.