SVITER art-group. Artist Talk
SVITER art-group. Artist Talk
Lera Polyanskova, Max Robotov

08.09 | 16:00 | IZONE first floor

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The artists Lera Polyanskova and Max Robotov from SVITER art-group, which exists since 2008, will share the experience of their artistic practices, in particular in media art, principles of team work and self-organization. They will also talk about past and current projects which they were realizing in Ukraine and abroad.  


Lera Polyanskova is an artist who is working in video and sound art, member of SVITER art-group. Co-founder of expositional environment Shukhliada and Photinus studio. Member of interdisciplinary cultural organization “Institution of unstable thoughts”. Participated in 57th Venice Biennale (in scope of the Ukrainian Pavilion’s project “The Parliament”) and Transmediale Vorspiel 2018.

Max Robotov is an artist and musician. His main field of activity is new media art. SVITER art-group member, co-founder of Photinus studio and expositional environment Shukhliada. Participant of Ukrainian Pavilion on 57th Venice Biennale and transmediale Vorspiel 2018.

Running time 80 minutes + Q&A