Art, money, pixelated monkeys, NFT
Art, money, pixelated monkeys, NFT
Yevhen Shymalskyi

3.09 | 18:00

During the lecture, we will discuss digital art and tokenization (NFT, non-fungible tokens first launched in 2017). Nowadays, a part of the art world actively supports crypto art, media regularly cover news about collectors, artists, auctions, and even museums digitize artworks in NTF to sell them. Yet, there is still a community of artists and art dealers who do not accept crypto art. We will try to sort out together how it works, who is to blame and what to do with all that.


Yevhen Shymalskyi is an artist, co-founder of the music agency UKHO, Ariadne and Noisy Miner projects. In 2021, he got the Taras Shevchenko National Prize for the Voice Architecture cycle.