Kill it or leave this town. Case Study
Kill it or leave this town. Case Study
Jakub Karwowski

3.09 | 20:00

Mariusz Wilczynski's debut feature film was initially planned as a short film, but a series of tragic events in the director's personal life caused some adjustments. The author almost simultaneously lost his parents and best friend, musician Tadeusz Nalepa, whom he considered his mentor. The director worked on his film for over ten years and turned his lost loved ones into characters. The film received a Special Jury Award in Annecy and a Grand Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. This movie was also nominated at Berlinale 2020 and won an award at the Polish Film Festival in the "Best Polish Film" category. Jakub Karwowski, the project co-producer, will talk about the details of its creation.


Jakub Karwowski is CEO and a co-founder of the 2D animation studio LETKO based in Warsaw, Poland, overseeing the development, financing and production of TV-series and feature film projects. Over the last two years, he has co-produced four feature films. Currently, he is working on the production of the 2D preschool TV-series “Odo” and several developments. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur, artist, photographer and academic lecturer.