Nova Poshta – 20 years for you. Case study
Nova Poshta – 20 years for you. Case study
Nazar Zhytkevych, Dmytro Barchyshak, Nana Bulygina

1.09 | 19:30

The world is created like everything else – cat after cat, dragon after dragon, frame after frame. Gradually. That’s how the world of Nova Poshta was created. It took only 253 concepts of characters, 5000 messages in the project chats, 400 hours of rendering, and 60 zoom-calls between Kyiv, Lviv and Seattle so that the square cat becomes cute, green dragons turn purple, and 121 clip formats (this number is exact!) get ready – Fedoriv agency and Moonhauzen animation studio teams will share how they created the world of Nova Poshta for the company’s 20th anniversary.


Nazar Zhytkevych – project manager at Fedoriv agency. He has ten years of prior experience as a creative producer and screenwriter of animation and video projects. Throughout his career, Nazar collaborated with big and small brands, and could feel the value and uniqueness of each of them. Nazar believes that animation has long gone beyond the genre of visual art and should rather be seen as a means of communication in various fields of our lives.

Dmytro Barchyshak – founder and creative director of Moonhauzen Animation.

Nana Bulygina – leading project manager at Moonhauzen Animation.

Moonhauzen Animation is an independent studio that was founded in 2013 in Lviv. It delivers staged promotion 3D animation clips with characters. The studio started as a boutique for illustrations of promo materials and periodic media. Later it became a CG full-cycle production. The company’s clients include Fedoriv, Havas, Nova Poshta, Samsung Ukraine, Foxtrot and others.