Comics about relatable things
Tetiana Kalytenko, Kateryna Sergatskova, Borys Filonenko

5.09 | 16:00

A conversation of Tetiana Kalytenko, Kateryna Sergatskova and Borys Filonenko about the comics of our days. About relatable, touching and fascinating stories that influenced their professional path and personal experience of the present. They will also touch upon the connection between comics and other arts – plastic arts, literature, cinema and animation. Comics are not separated from the modern culture streams, and we will try to delve into them.


Borys Filonenko is an art critic, cartoonist, curator and editor at IST Publishing. He writes about contemporary Ukrainian art and comics. He is the author of the comic book In mint, the artbook Louvre, author and compiler of the collection Comics in a Museum of Modern Art. He co-curates the 2nd Biennale of young art in Kharkiv and previously curated the humanitarian block on the Kharkiv School of Architecture and the education project Slow Art History at the Aza Nizi Maza art studio.

Tetiana Kalytenko is a literary critic, writer, and final editor of the Ridna Mova publishing house. She researches multiple art worlds, in which she was repeatedly lost, but returned to complete her thesis and talk about literature and comics.