Is Animation Social? What Artists Say Through Animation?
Is Animation Social?  What Artists Say Through Animation?
Vitaliy Yankovyi

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The lecture title is a question. The process of animation creation envisages isolated sitting in front of the monitor, and the final moving image is mostly not a direct-action tool and works like an article or a book. The very definition of new media says that it is about digitizing traditional techniques. So which topics can artists raise through animation? What is social in this context and how to tell video art from author’s animation? These and other issues will be discussed by the lecturer, and each viewer will be able to evaluate selected works from international and Ukrainian video art and author’s animation, discussing them afterwards during the Q&A session.


Vitaliy Yankovyi is an artist, a new media researcher, and an author of text about contemporary art. He graduated from contemporary art course in SVC and Indielab specializing in documentary films. Vitaliy has participated in exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. In his video works crossing to critical sociology, he tries to add a humanitarian dimension to the technology. Vitaliy lives and works in Vinnytsya and Kyiv.