Concept art and hidden features of VR
Concept art and hidden features of VR
Serhiy Yehorov

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A meeting withSerhiy Yehorov, concept artist, will consist of two parts. During the first part, we will talk about training courses, specialized services for artists and various learning manuals leading to a distorted perception of concept artist’s work. Basing on his experience, the lecturer will concentrate on the features of the profession changing depending on the pipeline and field where the concept is developed; approaches which are the most popular and in demand nowadays; and also what it means now to be a concept artist and to stand up to contemporary challenges. The second part of the event is a showcase during which Sergiy Yegorov will demonstrate the capacities of VR in real time; in the lecturer’s opinion, this is not just a fun game but also a useful tool for a conceptor, a modeler, a level designer and even environment artist. Using his experience, Serhiy Yehorov will tell about the problems he had to face and show how he managed to solve them.


Serhiy Yehorov is a concept artist and a teacher at Game Academy; his principal interest has always been drawing.  He has a degree in IT system engineering. Today he also works as an environment artist in VFX in the department creating videos, special effects and other VFX work for the cinema. Serhiy has work experience as lead artist, designer, sound director, photographer, and in many other creative industries.