Producing & Directing a short animation film
Producing & Directing a short animation film
Irida Zhonga

How easy is it to produce a short animation film? How does it all begin? What are the steps directors need to take if they want to make their idea come to life? In the workshop «Producing & Directing a short animation film» a Greek animation director Irida Zhonga will walk us  through her experience of producing and directing short animation film Man Wanted. We will go through the production stages of a short animation film, from concept design and pitching, how to get funding for your film, the difficulties of international coproductions and how to make it all work so you end up with a successful film.


Irida Zhonga graduated from University of the Arts London. Her passion for story and image has led her to explore different techniques of animation and she is always trying to find new ways in pushing her limits by realizing ambitious projects. She’s currently based in London where she works as an animation director creating commercials, films, branded content and graphics for tv shows. Irida’s previous short animation film “The meaning of Life” was screened at 11 festivals and gained 7 awards.

She’s currently developing her short stop motion animation film Man Wanted which is a Greek-Estonian-Albanian-Serbian coproduction and the first ever collaboration between Greece and Estonia on a film.