Color psychology in animation
Color psychology in animation

29.09 | 17:00-18:00 (no translation)

Good animation – a story made of colors – is distinguished by the authors’ ability to use those colors. The biggest mistake is the idea that color psychology is regular and follows a certain number of archetypes. Red is blood. Black is death. White is purity. However, great strips avoid the generally acceptable semantics and banal meanings, and it works! Why? The answers are in the nature of our mind and the way it perceives the world around us.  

The lecture will consider the features of human mind (its projectional nature) along with the mechanisms of environment perception (figure-background) and explain how this knowledge can be applied to color solutions in animation. The lecturer will also concentrate on certain frames from well-known works (Lion King, Ratatouille, Inside Out, Spirited Away, etc.) to analyze the role and significance of color in them.  


Illya Poludenny is a psychologist, gestalt therapist and founder of Twin Peaks, a psychological film club.