Generic animation in interactive installations using Jitter
Generic animation in interactive installations using Jitter
Yevhen Vaschenko

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The workshop is dedicated to the installation creation through generative manipulation methods of animation and generative 2D and 3D graphics within software environment Jitter (Cycling74). The event consists of 2 parts: theoretical guide into the theme and Q&A (14:00 – 15:30) with following practical usage of obtained knowledge of installation creation in real time (16:00 – 17:30). During the workshop, Yevgeniy Vaschenko is going to create several algorithmic diagrams on the big screen and other event participants will follow the artist on their laptops gaining new practical skills in creation and program running of ready installation. 


Yevgeniy Vaschenko - an artist, who works in the frame of Algorithmic art with music and visual setting. He realizes his works by virtue of programmed algorithm manipulations in a real-time and in the exact moment in the software environment Max / Msp / Jitter. Since 2009 the project of Yevgeniy Vaschenko V4W.ENKO is participating in modern media festivals and in such platforms as FIBER, Ars Electronica, CYNETART, Mutek, KVITNU, Next Sound festival etc. In 2011 the artist creates a label FF'Space. His audio-visual album «Harmonic Ratio» was highlighted by «Quartz Awards».